WF_lock-up_advisors_cmyk_625In July, Wells Fargo Advisors generously awarded Springboard a contribution of $2,500.00 for the implementation of new signature program Read! Write! Act! The gift marks the first collaboration between Springboard and Wells Fargo Advisors.

Read! Write! Act!, an eight-week residency program, focuses on literacy and art. Designed for grades five through eight, the program enhances essential literacy skills through the development of a play. The process includes character creation, story settings, conflict, dialogue, costumes and props, and final script creation. Culminating the program, students publish their works and act out plays at a special event. Learn more here.

This grant will bring Read! Write! Act! to students in Jennings, Riverview Gardens and Hazelwood School Districts. Many thanks to Wells Fargo Advisors!!