On Tuesday, December 1, Springboard representatives visited the studios of KWMU, St. Louis Public Radio, as featured guests on the program “St. Louis on the Air”. Veteran program moderator Don Marsh interviewed Springboard’s Executive Director Cathy Hartmann, Senior Program Director Anthony D’Agostino and board member Carol Hall-Whittier, spotlighting Springboard’s 50 years in the community. Their wide-ranging discussion highlighted Springboard’s partnership with Saint Louis Public Schools, and Springboard’s commitment to bringing authentic, meaningful learning experiences to all students, regardless of their economic status. The conversation also delved into specific Springboard programs and their impact on test scores. However, test scores are only part of the education picture. Said Hall-Whittier, “when you consider what education is really supposed to do – to prepare kids to live in our democracy and to be citizens and to be able to make good choices and all the things that make a good adult – you certainly can’t think just about testing.” Education should provide memorable, meaningful experiences that engage children in active learning.

Listen to the entire interview and learn more about Springboard.

Springboard on the radio with Don Marsh

Cathy Hartmann, Anthony D’Agostino, and Carol Hall-Whittier visit with Don Marsh