Springboard teaching partner/artist Branislav Tomich delivers his improv residency with aplomb and grace.


Many students, particularly high school students, lack an outlet for their feelings and emotions. Fortunately, students at Cleveland ROTC High School in St. Louis found that space in Springboard’s residency, Improv Theater!, led by Branislav Tomich.

Improv Theater! is a unique theater class, combining theater games, acting techniques, and improvisation in a mix of adventure and creative exploration. Students create impromptu scenes and characters in a fun and supportive environment. Additionally, this class builds self-confidence, enhancing communication and presentation skills while developing the ensemble skills necessary to create mutual support, respect, and a sense of team spirit.

Says Cleveland Principal Susan Viviano, “I observed a class the other day and I was so pleased at the level of student engagement and how much they seemed to be enjoying the experience.  Our artist in residence called me to say how excited he is to work with our students.  He said they wrote about the experience, that I watched them act out, and he said he was deeply touched by their work.  They shared with him very personal experiences.  I told him that means they not only like him and have bought into the class but they also trust him…and that is huge.  It is an altogether wonderful experience for my students and I am grateful they have the opportunity.”

Nice work, Branislav!

Interested in bringing Improv Theater! to your school? Contact Springboard’s Senior Program Director at 314-768-9670 ext.108.