Signature Programs

Digging Deeper

Developed in partnership with UMSL, Springboard Signature Programs are unique to Springboard and are grounded in three principles. First, the programs are authentic, providing real-world learning opportunities. Secondly, Signature Programs afford autonomy, fostering school, teacher and student choice. Finally, these programs encourage learning as an engaging, collaborative student-led experience. Signature Programs provide exciting and valuable elements to enhance teacher and student achievement. They provide learning integrated with school and community in partnership.

Each Signature Program:

  • Is composed of 7-8 sessions
  • Includes experienced educators and community partners
  • Aligns with standards-based curriculum
  • Includes specific, measurable learning objectives
  • Builds 21st century skills: Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration,  and Communication
  • Invites and authentic audience to a culminating celebration of learning event where student work is displayed

Springboard Signature Programs

Art of Baseball (Grades 3-8)

Art of Story (Grades K-12)
Specifically designed for students with disabilities.

HealthWise (Grades 4-8)

IdeaBuilder (Grades 3-8)

Learning Through Movement (Grades PK-8)

MusicMaker (Grades 2-8)

Read! Write! Act! (Grades 3-8)

Visualizing Mathematics  (Grades 3-8)

WiseWrite (Grade 5)

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