At the heart of what we do…

Springboard to Learning provides new and exciting learning experiences to St. Louis area students. Teaching Artists bring their expertise into schools, integrating their artistic field into the classroom curriculum. Through this arts-integrated educational programming, students engage with developmentally appropriate, rich content that inspires creativity and critical thinking, supports social emotional learning, and addresses learning loss.

Springboard programs are carefully selected by our staff based on content and quality. Every Springboard program is rigorously reviewed and subject to an audition process. Programs are regularly evaluated to ensure quality and consistency with our mission. Springboard programs may be customized to accommodate a specific classroom dynamic or a special curriculum connection. Programs are primarily delivered in 45-60 minute sessions under three general formats:


A class receives multiple sessions with a teaching artist where students explore and experience the curriculum in depth.


A class of up to 30 children receives one session where students work with a Springboard teaching artist in a hands-on, creative learning experience.


An assembly program for up to 300 students featuring a skill or culture in an exciting combination of demonstration and audience participation.

NOTE: Many programs are available for out-of-school booking ( i.e., after school, summer camps, community venues) and have virtual learning options. We can help fill those needs!