Here’s how your support made a difference this month…

IdeaBuilder at MADE

On Monday, March 4th, third graders from McNair Elementary in the Hazelwood School District visited the Magic House’s MADE for Kids makerspace to showcase their IdeaBuilder inventions, created during their residency with teaching artist Lesli Henderson!

IdeaBuilder is a Springboard to Learning Signature Program in which students create a prototype of a product that solves a real world problem in their daily lives. Through project-based learning, students proceed through the design process that includes brainstorming, problem analysis, protocol creation/testing, and product presentation.

At MADE, the McNair students displayed their inventions as part of a Builder Fair for family and friends. They also had ample time to explore the makerspace, and used the skills they learned in IdeaBuilder to create rockets, build with legos, and make many different kinds of art, from screen printing to yarn art to digital painting.

Exemplary Teaching Artists

Based on feedback from area schools and venues, Springboard to Learning has identified a group of exemplary teaching artists for recognition in 2024. These teaching artists consistently reach the highest standard for program implementation. Their talents and passions are evident, and they excel in bringing creative and effective programming to students, teachers, and the community.

Staff and Board Members presented letters of gratitude to six teaching artists on Springboard’s roster: Alicia Sunshine Gbaho, Bekah Harbison, Lesli Henderson, Bobby Norfolk, Sherry Norfolk, and Glen “Papa” Wright.

More exemplary teaching artists will be recognized in the coming months.

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