Here’s how your support made a difference this month…

WiseWrite Festival of One-Act Plays

On Wednesday, April 10th, fifth graders from Mason School of Academic and Cultural Literacy and Mallinckrodt Academy of Gifted Instruction in the St. Louis Public School District watched their plays come to life on the stage of the Sun Theatre at the 28th annual WiseWrite Fesitval of One-Act Plays!

The WiseWrite Signature Program helps build written literacy in two area schools each year. Teaching artists Anna Blair, Thomasina Clarke, Michelle Dillard, and Dan Kelly visited each classroom one day a week for 26 weeks, encouraging students to use their imagination, practice and refine their writing and revising skills, and create finished scripts.

This year, 89 students participated in the program and will receive printed and bound versions of their scripts, making them published playwrights. In addition, twelve of those students were selected from a panel of reviewers to have their script performed by professional actors at the Festival, either live on stage or on screen as a short film.

Click here to watch the 2024 WiseWrite Fesitval of One-Act Plays on YouTube!

Art of Story at Southview School

Students in the Art of Story program at Southview School in the Special School District of St. Louis County also got to show off their dramatic skills this month. With teaching artist Karen Young, they wrote a play about woodland animals in Canada called Lost in the Wild and acted it out with puppets.

The Art of Story Signature Program provides arts-integrated learning experiences to students with disabilities in self-contained classrooms. Students connect with stories as active listeners, writers, performers, and collaborators, increasing academic achievement and intellectual development, specifically in English/Language Arts.

This program is provided under a contract with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Springboard is a 2023-2024 Kennedy Center VSA Program Site.

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