In her first year as Board President, Laura Rossmann has helped to chart Springboard to Learning’s future as a leader in providing arts education in St. Louis-area schools. Her efforts toward the creation and further development of the “Luminaries for Learning” initiative are a key element in ensuring that future.

Luminaries for Learning is giving club that creates an opportunity for community members to ensure that the successes throughout Springboard to Learning’s 53-year history are continued, through planned monthly giving.

Laura Rossmann, in her own words:

Q             How did you get involved with Springboard to Learning?

A             My friend, Cathy Marek, asked me to help with the Gala (in 2016)

Q             What made you decide to continue to stay engaged?

A             Once I learned about the effect the Springboard to Learning educational programs have on kids every day, I was hooked. I especially liked the IdeaBuilder program because it motivates kids to creatively think about ways to solve everyday problems and teaches them how to work together.  Using the arts to educate kids in creative ways and  the wonderful leadership is what made me commit to supporting the organization.

Q             How are you currently involved?

A             I became the Board Chair as of July 1, 2018. Before that I was the Co-Chair of the Resource and Development committee, a position I still hold. I attend and financially support the annual Lip Sync Battle- St. Louis, Gala to benefit Springboard to Learning. I make other donations, as well, and I am a member of the Luminaries for Learning where I give a monthly gift.  Monthly giving is a priority to this organization.

Q             What do you like most about being a Luminaries for Learning monthly giving member?

A             Giving the same amount monthly helps me budget and helps Springboard to Learning know that  they/we have a consistent income every month, which helps with financial planning. Giving monthly has allowed me to give more to their/our wonderful mission to develop children’s abilities to think critically, create, communicate, and collaborate.

Q As a donor to Springboard to Learning, what is the biggest benefit to being a member of the Luminaries for Learning giving club?

I prefer giving monthly, because I’m able to give a larger amount and spread it throughout the year. I know it helps Springboard to Learning to know that they have this consistent income coming in, and because of that funding, they’re able to schedule programming more consistently.