How to Book a Program

Getting Started

The online program search function makes it easy to find the right program for your students. Our professional staff is also here to assist you in choosing the type of program that meets your school’s curricular and budgetary needs. We provide a no-hassle approach to bringing our artists to your school or venue. Please call us with any questions or concerns at 314-768-9670.


What type of program are you looking for?


When would you like the program to take place?


What is your budget?


What is the age group of your audience?


How many people will be in the audience?


What curricular and/or social topics would you like addressed?

Planning your program

Planning and preparation will help make your program successful. Start the process early, as programs are subject to artist availability.


Call 314-768-9670. Scheduling hours are Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. OR email:


The fees vary, depending on teaching artist, number of sessions, travel distance, and supply costs. Please call our Program Staff at 314-768-9670 to discuss pricing.

Confirm and prepare for the program

Confirmation will be sent to you within 10 days of scheduling and is considered to be a binding, legal document that serves as the invoice/contract and provides important information regarding the program. Failure to return a signed confirmation does not constitute cancellation of the original verbal agreement.

Please advise the necessary school personnel of the technical requirements listed in the confirmation and of any special notes. If you do not receive your confirmation within 10 days, please notify our office immediately.

Be prepared

Please ensure that a teacher or other school employee be present in the room or in the performance area at all times during the program. Artists have the right to refuse to conduct a program if a staff member is not in attendance.

Publicity and Documentation

All artists and ensembles listed in Springboard’s Program Catalog are Springboard performers, and must be advertised as such in all publicity.

Disability and accommodation

Springboard is committed to creating an inclusive environment in all of its programming and is dedicated to providing reasonable accommodations for youth of all abilities. Please let our Program Staff know what reasonable accommodations are needed at the time of booking so that artists may be prepared to implement them prior to the program.

Travel charges

For assembly programs, schools will be charged for mileage if the artist is based in a county different from the one in which the school is located. Travel distance is calculated from county seat to county seat, and the mileage fee is based on the Federal rate. Ensembles with three or more members will require additional travel costs. For residencies and other programs, mileage is calculated using the exact distance traveled door-to-door. Contact Springboard to confirm a specific mileage fee. Depending on the distance traveled, housing and meals or a supplemental per diem to cover these costs may be required.


Rescheduling or cancellation on the part of  the teaching partner/artist due to illness, inclement weather, or other unforeseen circumstances will entitle the school to either reschedule the event or use a substitute program (subject to the program’s availability).

Programs cancelled by a school or community at any time after the written confirmation is sent are subject to full or partial payment.