The success of 2018 Lip Sync Battle- St. Louis, the Gala to Benefit Springboard to Learning is measured through fund-raising and friend-raising. Over $151,000 was successfully raised.  In the area of friend-raising, we too succeeded; as told through the words of Kimberly Poe and Elaine Renner:

Kimberly Poe

When I walked through the doors of the Caramel Room on Friday October 5th, it was all about me; how beautiful I felt, how wonderful a time I was going to have with my husband on a last minute date night, and how many pictures I was going to post on Instagram; but by the time I’d left it was all about what I’d gained and how I was going to use this purposeful information to impact the children in my world.

Sitting at my table, and watching the lights grow suddenly dim was the moment I would be introduced for the first time ever to Springboard to Learning and their ongoing efforts to develop children’s abilities to “think critically, create, collaborate and communicate. The video shown was impactful and life giving! In short, I learned that when we support this awesome organization it provides exciting arts integrated learning experiences to under resourced children! I saw why the donations were so willfully given in such large amounts! And I thought to myself, well let the donations continue through the rest of the evening why don’t yah! Put your hand up again and again Mister on the front row who donated the $15,0000 to Springboard to Learning, so that the lives of many families reap a bountiful harvest!

Reading through the well put together gala program, and being taken aback by the heartfelt video about how these kids learn, was an awaking to this stay at home mom of two years. Springboard to Learning and their passion to allow the unique abilities to shine through our children, has rocked my world forever. I realized that my 8 year old daughter is not engaging in cartwheels and somersaults and splits while I’m trying to help her study for her spelling test, to aggravate the snot out of me; she does so because this is “her way.”  I now take a step back and acknowledge my daughter’s uniqueness and pray that I will never stifle what’s inside of her.

By the end of the evening I realized what the bigger picture was and it wasn’t one for me to place on Instagram. It was for me to see the good in others who support Springboard to Learning, who are striving to give kids a voice while they are in their early stages of life so that they can express what’s inside of them. Most importantly, it was for me to recognize that I aspire to be a large donor one day so I can play a part in the future of the generations who will be impacted by Springboard to Learning.

-Kimberly Poe, Guest of Board Secretary and Lip Sync Contestant-Paris Forest

I was formally introduced to Springboard to Learning by Melinda Mierek, a fellow associate at Edward Jones and also a Springboard to Learning board member.  Since that time, I’ve been impressed with everyone I’ve met from Springboard to Learning and the passion they have for helping these children.  I’m a mom and music was a very important part of my life growing up.  As a result, my personal connection to Springboard to Learning continues to grow. 

Elaine Renner (right) celebrates her Lip Sync Battle win with Melinda Mierek (left) and Alicia Gbaho.

I was thrilled to be a part of the Gala to Benefit Springboard to Learning this year, as a guest and as a performer for the Lip Sync Battle.  For the Lip Sync performance, Melinda was my duet partner and Alicia Gbaho, who is a Springboard to Learning Teaching Artist and a gifted choreographer, was the coach.  As you might imagine, Melinda and I immediately started spreading the Springboard to Learning message, raising $13,370.  Having never worked with an organization like this, I was touched by the hearts and the generosity of those who supported us and the Springboard to Learning mission.  To know that our efforts will help so many students with Arts-Education Funding is a gift.  I’m certainly a better person having been a part of this wonderful event!

Elaine Renner, Edward Jones – Principal, Account Support and Talent Optimization

Lip Sync Battle Winner