Director’s Message

Dear Friends of Springboard to Learning,

“The greatest accomplishment of my young life occurred in 2002 as part of Springboard to Learning’s WiseWrite program.
I was a St. Louis Public School 5th grader in Ms. Bradford’s class at Walnut Park Elementary School when I wrote a play entitled ‘Better Keep Your Eyes Open.’ It was a play about being mindful of your surroundings and watching out for people who try to bring you harm.”

“A group of high school students performed my play on stage at the Repertory Theater. I was amazed that they performed it just as I wrote it. When the event was over, students like me got their photo taken standing next to the student actors. The moment is etched in my memory forever; I can still see the orange sweater I was wearing.”

Over twenty years later, Patricia Moody can still recall her WiseWrite experience, and she identifies it as one of her greatest accomplishments. What a testimony to the program’s impact on a young life! The WiseWrite program exemplifies project-based learning experiences that develop children’s abilities to think critically, create, collaborate, and communicate.
Today, Patricia works in the field of mental health and operates a restaurant business. She still enjoys writing, particularly short stories and poetry. Writing is her therapy when life gets stressful.

On rare occasions, Springboard connects with former students like Patricia, and time and again the testimony is similar: Springboard to Learning creates meaningful, memorable learning experiences that transform a child’s worldview.

Whether in the WiseWrite program, Wolf Trap Early Learning Through the Arts, the Art of Baseball, MusicMaker, Visualizing Mathematics, or any one of Springboard’s many program offerings, these student learning experiences are only possible because of individuals like you. Your support creates meaningful, memorable learning experiences for individuals like Patricia Moody; experiences that last a lifetime. Your partnership is invaluable, and we thank you.