Three Little What-zits and the Big Bad Who-zit

Teaching Artist: Sherry Norfolk

In this residency, Sherry Norfolk will perform a fractured version of “The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf,” then explore the pattern of fracturing stories with students. Students will research a particular state, continent, habitat or region to choose their own prey and predators as well as indigenous building materials, then outline and tell the resulting story. Sherry will then lead students in interactive exercises to develop body language, movement, and character voices to perform their stories. An optional, fun and engaging post-residency extension includes providing every student with the materials and support resources to help them make their own  “Three Little What-zits and the Big Bad Who-zit” puppets and props which can be done in class or at home as a parent/child activity. Also available for virtual residencies.

Audience: Grades PK-5
Format: Residency
Curriculum Connections: English/Language Arts
Teaching Artist: Sherry Norfolk

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