The Shape of Afro Cuban Rhythms

Teaching Artist: Mauricio Villanueva

The goal of this program is to create an ear training for kids to identify the most important instruments in Afro Cuban music. Through the use of certain apps and live percussion playing, students will be able to folllow (using hands by clapping along), sing out (imitating the sounds of instruments by mouth), and play along (using claves, or sticks) over the music. After creating a better understanding of rhythms through ear training, Mauricio will introduce the basic steps of Salsa or Son Cubano so the students can have a better perception and feel a connection between the percussion and the dance steps.

At the end, students will have an important understanding of how to approach learning a dance from a musical perspective, from listening to the music and instruments first, and have better tools and structure to dance on the rhythm.

Audience: Grades PK-8
Format: Residency
Curriculum Connections: Health, Social Studies/Culture
Teaching Artist: Mauricio Villanueva

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