Medea, Thor & More: World Mythology

Teaching Artist: Seth Reichgott

Note: This program can only be delivered virtually.

Engaging, educational, and entertaining, MEDEA, THOR & MORE: WORLD MYTHOLOGY explores the meanings and functions of world mythology by bringing to life myths from several different areas of the world: “How Atum Made the World” from Egypt, “How Thor Got His Hammer” from the Norse, and perhaps the most famous myth of all, the amazing tale of “Jason and the Golden Fleece” from Greece. The program also includes segments on the basics of world mythology (including an introduction to gods and goddesses from around the world), and on the many things we have in the modern world that come from mythology: our names for the days of the week, product names, and our names for the planets in the Solar System.

In addition to vibrant and theatrical storytelling, MEDEA, THOR & MORE: WORLD MYTHOLOGY incorporates a compelling and immersive soundscape created by professional sound designer Adriano Shaplin.

Audience: Grades K-8
Format: Performance
Curriculum Connections: Social Studies/Culture, English/Language Arts
Teaching Artist: Seth Reichgott

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