Harriet Tubman: An American Hero

Teaching Artist: Glynis Brooks

By now, many Americans have learned that Harriet Tubman was the most infamous leader of the Underground Railroad, but what does that mean? What exactly was the Underground Railroad and how was it run? What were the roads that were taken into Freedom? How many miles in each trip did the enslaved travel to reach their freedom? Was it run solely by African Americans? How many people did Harriet Tubman lead to freedom and how many times did she make the trip? Was she ever caught? Did she ever marry or have children? How did she get her legendary name and AKA’s such as Moses, or the General? Discover why this fearless leader has been selected as the first woman to grace U.S. currency.

Audience: Grades K-12
Format: Performance
Teaching Artist/Partner: Glynis Brooks

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