Dancing Engineers

Teaching Artist: Sarah Council

Note: This program can only be delivered virtually.

Dancing Engineers is a 3-5 day virtual STEM-focused creative dance residency that explores the 6-step engineering process through movement. Drawing additional inspiration from forms such as bridges, arches, and tunnels, students will experiment with weight sharing, momentum, and trust as they create group dances inspired by these structures and the engineering process.

Over the course of this residency, students will:
– Learn the 6 steps of engineering and compare it to the dance-making creative process.
– Consider examples of bridges, arches, and tunnels; study the design concepts and the form and function of these structures.
– Explore these concepts through movement utilizing the elements of dance (shape, time, space, and quality) with a special focus on experiencing weight sharing, balance, and counterbalance with a partner.
– Work independently and in small groups to create original choreography inspired by these explorations.
– Perform and observe these small group dances within the classroom/online setting.

Audience: Grades K-12
Format: Residency
Curriculum Connections: Math, Science
Teaching Artist: Sarah Council

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