Smiling at Diversity: Billboard Project

Teaching Artist: Jenna Bauer / Colorbridge Arts Collective

During this socially-minded studio arts program students will design a community billboard proposal. Lessons in drawing, color theory, painting, bookmaking and collage will prepare students with visual and conceptual tactics that can be used in all categories of learning.

Student led conversations leading up to our weekly studio projects will encourage each student to recognize who they are in the context of a world filled with diversity. Brainstorms about our differences and similarities will support a greater understanding of the connections between us as human beings and aim to dismantle intolerance. Also available for virtual residencies and workshops.

Audience: Grades 2-8
Format: Residency, Workshop
Curriculum Connections: Social Emotional Learning, English/Language Arts
Teaching Artist: Jenna Bauer / Colorbridge Arts Collective

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