Act It Out!

Teaching Artist: Dwayne Mose III

This comprehensive drama program is designed to immerse students in the foundational elements of theater arts. Participants will gain a deep understanding of the key components that make up a dramatic work, including plot, characters, settings, theme, dialogue, conflict, music/rhythm, and spectacle.

Through hands-on activities and guided instruction, students will learn and apply techniques to develop essential actors’ tools, focusing on the effective use of the body, voice, and mind. The program emphasizes the significance of ensemble work, highlighting how collaboration and unity are crucial for compelling storytelling in drama.

Students will have the opportunity to integrate their knowledge and skills by applying the elements of drama to create their own theatre pieces. This practical application ensures that participants not only learn theoretical aspects but also experience the creative process of bringing a story to life on stage.

By the end of the program, students will be equipped with a solid foundation in drama, enhanced acting abilities, and the experience of working as part of an ensemble to produce original dramatic works.

Audience: Grades 1-4
Format: Workshop
Curriculum Connections: Social Emotional Learning, English/Langauge Arts, Health, Social Studies/Culture
Teaching Artist: Dwayne Mose III

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