Springboard to Learning’s signature program, the Art of Baseball, will wrap up on Thursday, May 31. The culminating event will be at 5 p.m. in Cunningham’s Corner at Busch Stadium before the 6:15 game between the Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Pirates.

During this Springboard residency, students discover the exciting connections between art, Major League Baseball, statistics and the world of business. Students in grades 3 though 8 select a topic related to the business of baseball to investigate and create infographics displaying their findings, which will be displayed at the event and available for any fan attending the game to view. They investigate anything from the cost of hot dogs across baseball franchises to the batting averages of their favorite players. They use data mining strategies and analyze data using logic, math and computational skills.

The signature program was designed and taught by Springboard Teaching Artist Carrie Launius at Grannemann and Russell elementary schools in the Hazelwood School District. This is the third year of the event at Busch Stadium. The St. Louis Cardinals provided tickets for students and their parents.