Arts & Learning Packs

What are Arts & Learning Packs?

Arts & Learning Packs are small kits of hands-on arts activities designed for students to create at home. They include a set of written and visual instructions, providing rich, arts-education experiences that connect with curricular content without requiring access to technology. Packs can be distributed to students and families by Teaching Artists, or through pre-determined special arrangement.

For more information, please contact Program Facilitation Director Brenda Butler at

Each Pack Includes:

  • Activity Materials.
  • Printed step-by-step instructions to complete the project without internet access.
  • Fine arts standards and, at times, other academic applicable standards addressed with each Pack.
  • Additional supports if internet access is available, including online video links.

The goal of Arts & Learning Packs:

  • Students will receive rich, arts-integrated experiences that connect with curricular content and don’t require access to technology.
  • Families will be provided with resources to supplement at-home learning.
  • Teachers will learn valuable teaching strategies for engaging learners through the arts.

Art Machines

Create a compound machine creature that moves and can grab with its mouth.

Flying Machines

Invent a wind-up flying machine that explores the transfer of potential to kinetic energy.

Monster Claws

Use pneumatic pistons, cylinders & rebuildable components to make a claw that grabs!

Peek Through Your Window

Use your creativity, perspective & imagination to create photos that tell stories about your world.

Origami Finger Puppets

Use your imagination to enhance literacy skills through pretend play and creative storytelling.


Explore balanced and unbalanced forces by creating a motorized wiggling machine.

Straw Structures

Explore lines, shapes and forms to build and rebuild structures by yourself or with partners.

Three Little What-zits & The Big Bad Who-zit

Fracture a favorite fairytale, create props, and perform your new story for family and friends.