Vivian Watt

Vivian Anderson-Watt has been a member of the St. Louis Arts community for 51 contributing years and was trained by Katherine Dunham and P.G. Wren. Vivian’s career highlights include original choreographer, Actress, Dancer for the St. Louis Black Repertory, Director of Dance-Gitana Productions and Theater Director, St. Louis Municipal Opera- 5 City Tour, Southern Illinois University-E theater,  A Call to Conscience Choreographer, and Better Family Life-Director of Arts in Education and Lifetime Achievement Award. Vivian has received the 2017 Saint Louis Visionary Awards-Outstanding Teaching Artist. She has served on Missouri Arts Council and Regional Arts Commission citizens panels; she is known for the creation of KYPE- Kuumba Youth Performance Ensemble and currently Artistic Director for the performing arts company NIA-Entertainment with a Purpose. She has been  married 42 years with a husband, son, daughter, and grandchildren who are also performing artists.