Sarah Anne Patz

Sarah Anne Patz has worked as a Springboard to Learning Teaching Partner since 2010. She has over 35 years teaching experience in dance and movement arts for students at the preschool, elementary, and college level, as well as for adults in community workshop settings. Her Springboard to Learning program with St. Louis Pubic Schools, Giraffes Can’t Dance, focuses on creative movement and language arts for students in grades K-3, connecting thoughts, words and actions through the creative movement process. An adjunct faculty member at Washington University since 1998, Sarah Anne has taught modern dance technique, improvisation, classes for teachers in creative movement, and authentic movement and body-mind integration through the Performing Arts department. She has also taught creative dance at one preschool for 24 years. Sarah Anne co-directed Off Track Dancers, a St. Louis based dance company in the late 70’s and 80’s, choreographing, performing, and teaching all ages throughout the region. The company was known for collaborations with visual artists and musicians, and for performances in unique spaces like The Wainwright Building, Missouri Botanical Garden, Union Station as well as traditional theater spaces. Sarah Anne’s training has been in modern dance and education with graduate work in Body Therapies and Contemplative Dance.

Sarah Anne Patz’s Programs

The Language of Creative Movement
Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts