Sandy Weltman

Harmonica virtuoso and mult-instrumentalist Sandy Weltman’s talents are diverse to say the least. While at home in the jazz realm, he is equally skilled in blues, Celtic, Klezmer, Latin and more. Sandy learned much of his harmonica styling while under the tutelage of harmonica wizard Howard “Flecktone” Levy and he gained international recognition in the World Harmonica Competitions. Sandy has performed on dozens of albums nationally and has released five albums of his own along with hundreds of educational and entertaining musical youtube videos.

For over 30 years Sandy has been growing and expanding his innovative methods and skills on the diatonic harmonica and teaching them to thousands of students via workshops, residencies and other assorted musical programs.  Sandy has opened for and performed with Howard Levy, Richard Hayman, Brewer & Shipley, Bela Fleck, John Hartford, Taj Mahal and many others. To learn more about Sandy and to hear some of his musical performances, please visit him at:

Sandy Weltman’s Programs

Harmonica and the Blues
Musical Traditions from the Middle East (with Farshid Soltanshahi)