Samba Bom

Samba Bom duo (with the option of adding a dance instructor) is an ensemble that plays authentic Brazilian music in presentations at schools, festivals and private events. The group features Vince Golomski, keyboard and percussion; Mr Mo Marchini, percussion, cavaquinho and vocals; and Charis Railey, dance instructor in carnaval costumes. With the program ‘Sounds of Brazil,’ the duo brings the audience on a journey into the five regions of Brazil by playing the music from each region.  The program is a cornupopia of information about Brazilian history, geography and people, starting with the indigenous “brazilindians,” followed by the influences of the Portuguese as colonizers, and process of slavery from Africa. The elements from these ethnicities made Brazil a very diverse culture. The Samba Bom presentations show the impact of  miscegenation through the music from the aborigines all to way to more contemporary musical fusions, such as the Afro-Brazilian Samba with the American Jazz, originating a style called Bossa Nova. The show culminates with an audience participation in a Carnaval style ‘Batucada’ using approximately ten students/people from the audience.

Samba Bom’s Programs

Sounds of Brazil