Laughing Matters

Leslie and Jay Cady of Laughing Matters have been full-time performing artists since 1980. They have performed their engaging blend of juggling, mime, magic and wacky dialogue in 33 states and seven foreign countries. As teaching artists, Jay and Leslie use their big bag of tricks to illustrate and reinforce curriculum concepts, particularly elementary school math and science. Leslie has a B.F.A. in Theater from Emporia State University and Jay is a graduate of Princeton University. In 1984, they studied with legendary mime Marcel Marceau. Their infectious fun and attention to standards help students nurture a love of learning.

Laughing Matters’ Programs

How Freedom Works
How Freedom Works (Deluxe Edition)
Juggling the Earth’s Resources
Letters, Numbers, Shapes and Colors
Professor I Drop, The Juggling Scientist
Read It Right Now
Sum of Our Favorite Numbers
Tales With a Point: Fables and Fairytales