Erin Badger-Coffey

Erin Badger-Coffey discovered her love of dance at a young age through experiences with creative dance and movement. She graduated from Northwest School of the Arts High School with a major in Modern Dance. After auditioning in 2000, Erin was accepted to the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNSCA), where she studied modern, ballet, improvisation, and choreography and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Contemporary Dance. Due to repeated injuries, Erin began to explore aspects of dance and movement other than performance, including Kids Yoga, Pilates, and aerial dance.

Erin has always enjoyed working with children. In 2011, she helped develop and launch a dance/movement program for children and adults with disabilities. Through this program, she taught movement classes, assisted with camps, and utilized her Yoga for Kids Certification. Today, Erin continues to use her knowledge and love of dance and movement to support early childhood educators of children from newborns to six-year-olds. She is the Program Coordinator of North Carolina Wolf Trap and a seasoned Wolf Trap Teaching Artist in Dance and Movement. As a teaching artist, Erin is certified to provide traditional Wolf Trap residencies in Literacy, Math, and Science, as well as family-based and classroom-based BabyArtsPlay!residencies.

Erin has presented at multiple education conferences including the University of North Carolina Charlotte STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) Conference and the Alliance Educators Conference in Atlanta, GA. Erin also enjoys leading Read With Love, an active reading workshop for caregivers and their children, and Arts Integration Professional Development Workshops for Wolf Trap classroom teachers.

Erin Badger-Coffey’s Programs

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