Barnes Bradshaw

Barnes M. Bradshaw is a native St. Louisan who saw early in life that what was to happen today was a direct result of what transpired yesterday; and that what would happen tomorrow was predicated on what we did today. He took the long road to his B.A. in History going to eight years of night school over a 10 year period graduating from the University of Missouri, St. Louis in 1995. He spent 17 years working in the Historic Division of the St. Louis County Parks Department and has spent the last 17 years at the Missouri History Museum as a Special and Educational Events Coordinator – or some would say the “song and dance man.” He started doing first person portrayals of early Americans about 20 years ago. The people he portrays are those whom he considers the proverbial “everyman” and does these characters in particular because he feels strongly that the folks we read about in our history books, the “famous” people, only got there through the wondrous efforts – the blood, sweat and tears – of countless people who are not recognized in that same way.

Barnes Bradshaw’s Programs

Life and Times of Absalom Grimes, Civil War Spy
St. Louis and the Great Fire of 1849